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It's been a while...

2012-01-18 16:44:36 by the-light-king

I've been off on devianart .com for a while, just posting somthing.

i'm gonna stop making posts until i submit something.

i am free for voices.

2011-07-15 23:24:28 by the-light-king

i'm not going to be doing anything for a while, so feel free to ask for voices.

working on it...

2011-07-09 19:22:54 by the-light-king

i've got all the players made, but thats it. this will take a really long time. sorry


2011-07-06 13:29:05 by the-light-king

i'm not going to create a game for a long time. i've only got the basic plot down, so for all of the people reading this, you don't have to come back to this page for a while.